Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the management of the company, safeguarding the shareholdings of investors in the company, and providing direction to the senior management of the company in delegating responsibilities. In addition to that, The Securities House Board of Directors will execute any other responsibility as required by the articles of association of the company or the laws and regulatory framework applicable in Kuwait.


Audit Committee

The Securities House Audit Committee ensures the existence of effective controls over various business processes in order to adhere to the company's policies and procedure as well as laws and regulations set by regulatory bodies. The committee also ensures the accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial statements in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Risk Management Committee

The Securities House Risk Management Committee plays a key role in the identification and measurement of the various business risks that the company may be exposed to, in order to manage and mitigate such risks in light of the company’s current policies, and in particular its approved risk appetite.


Nominations & Remunerations Committee

The Securities House Nominations and Remunerations Committee is responsible for screening and recommending candidates to set on the company’s board or board committees and for selecting and approving candidates for occupying executive positions. In addition, the committee monitors remunerations and compensations policies with an objective to retain and motivate qualified and skillful staff, and to attract those who might join in the future.


Executive Committee

The Securities House Executive Committee oversees risk management and decision-making as per pre-determined authority limits and monitoring of the investment and credit function in the company, with a view to safeguarding the shareholder and client interests and ensuring alignment with the company’s business strategy. The committee is also responsible for setting HR, administrative and information technology matters.