Current Holdings

Gatehouse Financial Group

Gatehouse Financial Group Limited (“GFG”) is the parent company of Gatehouse Bank plc ("Gatehouse Bank", "Gatehouse") based in London, and Gatehouse Capital KSCC ("Gatehouse Capital") (together, the "Group" or "Gatehouse Financial Group") based in Kuwait. Gatehouse Financial Group was established in 2015 following a restructure of Gatehouse Bank. The Group has maintained a successful track record in real estate investment products with current assets under management in excess of $1.2 billion. Most of these assets are in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.  Through its subsidiaries, GFG concentrates on international markets with a focus on its main activities; firstly the banking and financing services of Gatehouse Bank, through residential mortgage finance, wealth management, retail deposit-taking, treasury operations as well as providing real estate investment opportunities in the UK, and secondly, the investment activities of Gatehouse Capital, by providing real estate investment opportunities in the US and excellent client service. This focus puts the Group in a unique and advantageous position to engage with international clients across Europe, the Gulf (GCC) and South East Asia.

Manarat Educational Services

Manarat Educational Services was established in 2004 as an educational services company and initiated a leading bilingual nurseries brand under the name “Hamel Al Mesk”. Over the years, the Company’s network grew to seven branches within three governorates in Kuwait. The Securities House through a 100% owned subsidiary partnered in Manarat in 2017 through a majority stake. Since then, The Securities House has worked towards implementing an efficient organizational structure, improving financial management and engaging in corporate governance and business development activities. Manarat’s long-term goal is to create a comprehensive early year learning platform offering various services that cover all governorates within Kuwait and potentially expand within the GCC.

Al Mathaq Holding Company

Al Mathaq Holding Company was established in 2018 with the aim of partnering with leading local Food & Beverage brands that have a demonstrated track record and high potential for value creation. In the same year the company acquired a highly reputable quick service restaurant chain in Kuwait named Canary that began its operations in the early 1970’s. Canary currently operates six branches across Kuwait serving traditional middle-eastern quick service staple food that embodies Palestinian heritage. The Securities House is working closely with the Company to update its operations and continue to enhance and modernize this local favorite and expand its geographical presence within Kuwait and the GCC.

First Kuwaiti Education Holding Company (“FKEH”)

First Kuwaiti Education Holding Company (“FKEH”) is a jointly owned Company established by The Securities House and Al Ammary Education Services Company. In 2019 FKEH acquired Dar Al Salam Educational Company, a leading educational Companies in Kuwait: with a track record of over 25 years. The Company currently operates a diversified portfolio of schools that offer Indian, Pakistani and IGCSE curricula to over 6000 students within the country. In 2020 an additional school was launched that will offer premium Indian curricula within its newly established state of the art campus.  FKEH’s long-term goal is to expand its footprint and develop a holistic education platform offering different curricula and services through various channels that combine on-campus, e-learning and a wide array of extracurricular & social activities to enhance its students experience and develop well rounded, community engaged brand ambassadors.


Gatehouse Financial Group Limited

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